For those who are not acquainted with the idea of ‘Cherophobia’, in simple language it is described as the fear of happiness and rejoicing. The blog contains short ‘chapters’ of a girl named Anna and how she rests upon the idea of living a life fearing from being ‘too happy’ so as not to mess with her current comfort of mundanity. The chapters are her excerpts from how her life’s stature comes with ease. The readers can take this character as fictional, but may find her reflection living subconsciously in the real world. Soon in the lonely hour, which is most of the times, the chapters should happen to describe what it is like to live inside a mind of a cherophobic. Go to Anna’s Chapters to read more!

I have also started to post material on the page – Blog Posts where you can find my blogs on topics that intrigue my creativity!

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Author: Shruti Jain